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Design and construction of wooden houses in Russia and Moscow

Modern wooden house for a quiet life

Ok dear! You've got an aim - build a house in Russia, and now you are thoroughly planning all the detailes, studying colorful catalogs and sites. Are you interested in a real citadel of your tranquility and happiness in Russia? We offer you the decision - design and create your own eco house in Russia with any material of your choise! All types of works that we make, are made by own staff of The WOOD HOUSE Company. Design engineers, visualizers, brigade of builders, finishers, electricians, specialists in landscaping design work in our team. The company has licenses for rendering all types of above-mentioned services.



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Our house projects

255.85 m2 | 4.650.000 RUR

197.02 m2 | 3.120.000 RUR

365.01 m2 | 7.400.000 RUR

108.37 m2 | 1.800.000 RUR

155.38 m2 | 3.000.000 RUR

165.13 m2 | 3.200.000 RUR

238.7 m2 | 5.200.000 RUR

453.86 m2 | 6.200.000 RUR

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Why people choose us
1. Individual planning You assign a time and place, and our architect come to see you to talk about all the details of the project and approval of construction documents.
2. Flawless reputation We were chosen by more than 100 clients. We are cooperating with the best factories and suppliers of wood industry in Russia and abroad.
3. Our prices are unbeatable We provide a flexible SCS discounts and individual approach to each client. The prices of our work varies from the cheapest to the expensive projects.
4. High quality of service Watch the construction process Online! From the first log till the finished wooden house we can assure you that all works will be done in time.

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